I am passionate about helping families, individuals and small businesses. My clients have had amazing positive changes happening to them after our consultations, improving their health, wealth and relationships. I feel very privileged to have played a part in their success stories.

Here are some of what they have to say after the consultations.

Hi Ana,  

I have excellent news! After a very long time searching we have bought a new house, in Artarmon. It is a miracle, in our budget and both my husband and I love it (we have diametrically opposed taste!). Once we move in, I would love for you to visit and do a property report for me. Many thanks in advance, Dani

(Dani spent 12 months looking for a home under my feng shui recommendations and finally found the perfect one)


“Hi Ana
I hope you are well and happy .

I thought you may like a little update on what’s been happening with us.

Whilst we are all doing well one of the areas we had you look at for us was Madelyn and her schooling and studying . I’m pleased to let you know that she is doing great .
We actually had a letter of congratulations on Madelyn’s preliminary Higher School Certificate academic report.
She is doing well in all subjects and has been moved up a class in one particular subject.
She has always worked hard but since you had us move her desk into the office and clear out all school related items out of her bedroom (not to mention the other cures you had us put into place) she has just gone from strength to strength .
Just thought you may be interested in our journey.

Thank you for all your help and we wish you a happy Christmas break and a healthy and prosperous new year “
Lisa , Camden, NSW



“Thought I’d give you an update since you recommended changes at my Beacon Hill home earlier in the year. I implemented as many of the recommendations as I could in regards to helping my career and successfully having a baby. Since then, I am getting not one but TWO books published next year (I changed the location of my desk, as per your recommendation) and I am 22 weeks pregnant with a baby girl after three miscarriages prior to your visit (put some grounding crystals under the bed, changes the furniture). I have recommended you to my editor,  as well.

Thank you!

Vanessa, writer, Sydney

“I am so glad that I invited Ana to my home. This has been something I have always wanted to do and found it to be  an interesting , enjoyable  and informative experience.  We are already finding some benefit to changes suggested and look forward to further positive changes in our lives.” MM, Sydney

“Ana’s warmth and care made our Feng Shui consultations more than just a mechanical furniture placement exercise.  She imparted wisdom and sound personal advice, unique to our situation.” Angela,   THREE SECRETS  Colour & Design, Sydney

“Ana has a deep knowledge base that underlies her provision of feng shui consultation. Her advice covers a much deeper scope of issues that is more personal to the client and displays her keen intuition and insight. I have benefitted personally from Ana’s advice and this has enabled me to make profound changes in my home and in my life. My business has substantially improved since I engaged Ana’s services.” Richard Gilbert, Richard Gilbert Consulting, Sydney

“Ana is someone that is in sync with her vocation. Feng Shui is not a job to Ana and her love expressed in her great works is reflective instantaneously. Ana brought love and money to me by allowing for a few changes and clearing of unnecessary energy / space takers… DO it! Act, don’t think… TRUST your feelings…” Jane Thorpe, writer, Sydney


“Dear Ana, thanks so much for your wonderful help. Our relationship has improved greatly, we feel much happier in our home and Mel was able to stop smoking immediately after we applied your suggested cures!” Cat and Mel, Sydney


“Thanks Ana. After your inspiring Space Clearing ceremony I was able to truly connect with my new home and started finally doing my planned changes after living here for nine months. The boys also had a great time!” Bia, Graphic Designer, Brisbane


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