Internal Courtyard at Michael Rice’s Dreamfield Bioarchitecture Centre

Since meeting and studying with BioArchitect Michael Rice in June 2010, Ana experienced the amazing flow of chi of the homes Michael is building and has become very inspired to apply Sacred Geometry principles in her Feng Shui designs and suggestions with Living in Harmony.

Although most of you are familiar with Sacred Geometry as something applied to the design of churches and cathedrals, basic Sacred Geometry principles can easily be incorporated to any room in your home or office.

Living in Harmony has been using Sacred Geometry to improve the design of gardens and to create special areas inside the home based on sacred proportions. Sacred Geometry works really well with Feng Shui, incorporating the directions and the auspicious colours and elements for each sector.

Below are two drawings from the Sacred Geometry design idea developed by Living in Harmony for a Resort at Mount Seaview, NSW.


Jaspers Enchanted Garden Feng Shui and Sacred Geometry Design




Jaspers Enchanted Garden Final Sacred Geometry Design Incorporating the Mandala


Why Sacred Geometry?

Sacred Geometry is the study of Sacred Proportions, using the Golden Mean and other sacred shapes.

Sacred Geometry is basically the study of proportions present in nature: flowers, shells, human body, or natural crystals, for instance. The amazing thing is that we can incorporate these proportions to large scale buildings such as churches, or Dreamfiled (photo above) creating spaces with amazing energy. These buildings vibrate at frequencies that are aligned with life, thus supporting healing and well being for residents or visitors.

In June 2010 I was very lucky to spend one week living at Dreamfield while doing the Sacred Geometry and Design course with Michael. Although Dreamfield is a very large home, I could tell that there was no stagnation, and the chi was not being dissipated like normally happens in large homes. There was a flow that connected the entire building, like a living creature.

Now back in Australia I feel committed to offering Sacred Geometry solutions to my clients.

These solutions can vary from arrangement of furniture in the loungeroom to garden designs incorporating Sacred forms and shapes, or supporting you through choosing one of Michael’s amazing holistic house plans .

Sacred geometry supports life, heals and support us in evolving our consciousness and connectedness with all that is around us.

In basic words, by incorporating even basic Sacred Designs at home we are attracting amazing energy to the space, increasing the chi inside the environment, or in case of gardens, creating a whole environment that not only feels and looks great, but also where we can absorb amazing chi and start living a life ‘beyond the box’, literally. Growing as human beings physically through healing and spiritually through aligning with all the other forces already vibrating in Sacred frequencies.

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