Classical Intuitive Feng Shui

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Classical Intuitive Feng Shui is a very unique type of Feng Shui.

Living in Harmony Classical Intuitive Feng Shui combines Classical Feng Shui techniques, both Form School and Flying Star Feng Shui, which come from Ancient China, to modern psychology to achieve wonderful results.

Modern Psychology

Modern psychology recognises that we have between 50 to 60 thousands thoughts each day. However 95% of our thoughts are the same as yesterday.

This means that most of what goes on inside our heads we are not consciously aware of. Most of our main decisions are being taken for reasons that come from the unconscious conditioning. However, because we justify each decision we make with logic, we have the feeling we know exactly what we are doing. But do we?

Intuitive Feng Shui

In the same way a psychologist will talk to you for a few sessions and start deciphering your subconscious entanglement that is causing you to attract unwelcoming people and circumstances into your life, Living in Harmony Intuitive Feng Shui can decipher the messages inside your home and business by reading your arrangement of furniture, your pictures and your objects.

This is because we create our spaces from our subconscious mind, and the messages are all there in the space around us. By delicately bringing the clients’ awareness to those issues, Living in Harmony supports them to start creating some positive change in their lives.

Your home and business tell a story, like a silent movie. But it’s very difficult for you to read it alone because logic gets in the way.

Living in Harmony has been reading homes and businesses for many years and supporting clients in becoming aware of the stories their home or business space is sending out to the world, on the energetic level.  The energetic level is far more reaching than the material level. The energetic level is what makes us like or dislike someone or something, not the material level. We justify our choices with logic, but the decisions are truly made on the energetic/emotional level.

How is that relevant to me?

If you say you are looking for a partner and your bedroom story is one of ‘there is no room here for anyone to stay’ or ‘being alone is nice and romantic’, there is a conflict there. At the energetic level the main message is ‘I say I want a partner, but I don’t really want one’. And the energetic level being more powerful is winning the battle.

If you say you want to attract more money into your life and your home’s story is one of ‘I appreciate lack, I don’t care about my things, broken things are cool’, do you really value wealth? The main message from your home is ‘I don’t value good things, please give me more of the same’.

In Business this is very important also. If you are looking to attract new clients or increase your fees and the story your office is telling is ‘we can’t be bothered de-cluttering or tiding up, we are happy to have our employees in a very confined space’. This is a message coming from lack and it will attract more of the same.

Living in Harmony Intuitive Readings are included as part of your Complete Feng Shui consultation or can be done separately for homes and offices.

What is the story your home and office are telling to the world?


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