Form School Feng Shui

Great wall of China

Form school Feng Shui is the most ancient school of Classical Feng Shui.

Traditionally it was used to find best or most auspicious position to build a tomb, a temple or a home by aligning it with the positive power of the natural land forms present: the water course, the mountains, the valleys.

Today, if you are buying a block of land, Feng Shui can help you choose the most auspicious area to buy or where to build the home once you found the land.

In the cities, nowadays, Form School is used to find an auspicious street, or positioning on that street, by looking into the land forms surrounding the area.

However, most of the time Form School Feng Shui will be looking at the positioning of the rooms in your new home or office, if you are building or renovating, and/or the positioning of the furniture inside and outside your home or office.

A good flow of chi in a home brings good health, better relationships and more abundance for the whole family.

Perfect positioning also supports the health and relationships in a business environment, consequently attracting more wealth.

Form school consultations are available as part of Complete Feng Shui consultation or can be done separately.

FORM SCHOOL CONSULTATIONS START AT $268 FOR A ONE-HOUR VISIT (RESIDENTIAL ONLY). We look at positioning of furniture to maximise wellness and harmony, better bed positions to improve health, surrounding gardens/courtyards (including entrance) and are able to address relationship problems and partly wealth problems most of the time. Health problems and wealth problems need a Flying Star analysis.


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