Feng Shui Renovations

Home and Office Renovations


Will your renovation bring better health and harmony to your home or office? Living in Harmony offers Feng Shui solutions for your home or business renovation, that will support your goals for an improved environment and may even help you to save some money.

There are many levels Feng Shui can help you to achieve the best results with your home or office renovation. Often a choice of extension or new layout can be based on cost, so we here at Living in Harmony invite our clients to look at their renovation in respect to the well being and harmony of all family members or employees.


Ideally you would have an expert Feng Shui consultant working side by side with your interior designer or architect. Or we can recommend architects and designers that work with us on a regular basis. Good Feng Shui design is essential for harmony, good health and wealth growth.


In the home we will support family health, check all bedrooms for best sleeping position (often even good architects do not look at that), make sure there is a harmonious flow of chi to promote good relationships and prosperity, check the position of the stove, check the position of the kitchen sink and fridge in relation to the stove, find the best location for the kitchen whenever possible to promote health and prosperity. We will also check the luck of the home using the Flying Stars: front door, master bedroom, kitchen, family room, kids bedrooms to guarantee that the new renovation will help to improve health, wealth and relationships in the home and will not create any negative effects.


In the office we will support the directors, CEO and the financial/accounts person, plan the new office for a harmonious environment where employees enjoy spending their time in, and guarantee that the wealth growth is activated.


Below is some information about our most popular Feng Shui services that we provide to both homes and businesses:

Form School Consultation (First Level):

Using Form School Feng Shui we will look at the flow of chi (life force) inside your house or office and check if your renovation plans are supporting harmony and well being. Having a good flow of chi is the most important factor for good health, harmony and prosperity in a home or work environment. For more info on Form School Feng Shui click here.

Compass School Feng Shui (Second Level):

Using Flying Star and 8 Mansion techniques Feng Shui can reveal the potential for health, wealth and harmony that is hidden in your home/office or home/office to be. These techniques are exclusive of Classical Feng Shui practitioners and require great skill in their interpretation. They represent the Horoscope or hidden luck of your home or business. For more info on Flying Star Feng Shui click here



- home renovation plan appraisal (off-site or on-site) – Form School

- office renovation plan appraisal (off-site or on-site) – Form School

- complete renovation appraisal using both Form School and Compass School Feng Shui (Eight Mansions and Flying Stars assessment) – off-site or on-site



Classical Feng Shui and Mindfulness Meditation