Creating a harmonious bedroom with Feng Shui



Many people are interested in how to arrange their bedroom for perfect harmony. There are some basic principles that I will be sharing with you today.

The bedroom is a place for rest, for you to re-connect with yourself and your partner and a place where intimacy develops and it is nurtured. One really wants to nurture the intimacy because this is what strengthens the relationship.

For intimacy to develop you need to develop a very harmonious and nurturing space where you and your partner are allowed to just be. Beautiful pictures that support the relationship, with images that reflect love, caring, and sharing are important. Avoid wedding photos as the main theme, but instead create a corner with pictures of both of you together enjoying each other’s company. Family photos that include the children are also perfectly fine, however it is better to limit to one or two, not too large and not on the wall. Avoid other members of the extended family. The bedroom is really a place for the couple to enjoy their time alone.

If you are single and looking for a partner, follow the same recommendations, but use famous paintings of couples in love instead.

You are really wanting to create a yin environment, developing the yin energy with lots of curves, cushions (don’t go overboard though!), curtains, rugs, gentle pictures and soft lights. Soft and cool colours are preferred.

Electronic equipment such as computers, mobile phones, phone extensions and televisions are to be avoided at all cost. Including the radio alarm clocks. All of these produce electric magnetic and/or microwave radiation, which are harmful to human health. They also represent a distraction from each other not allowing you to just be yourself with your partner.

A solid bed head is preferred and have it against a solid wall, instead of a window. Avoid walls that have water pipes or electric wiring going through them. Also avoid having the bed against the bathroom wall, the living room wall where all the electronic equipment is plugged in, or the kitchen wall where the stove and/or fridge are plugged in, whenever possible.

In order to promote a balanced relationship have same-size bedside tables with same-size lamps on each side of the bed, even if you are single looking for a partner.

All of those will support you and your partner to relax and meet in this wonderful space to nurture each other’s essence.

Enjoy your peaceful bedroom!




Thursday, 22 April 2010


Our thoughts matter because they create matter. Master Behram Ghista

Our personal environment is a reflection of what we think.

As I mentioned In my last blog , most of our thinking is being done below the surface.

Our personal space is not being created, as we may think, from our logical or left brain, but from our creative or right brain. It’s just a reflection of a deeper part of ourselves.

We are creating our personal space from our subconscious, and unfortunately that’s why most homes are messy most of the time! Most of us are OK on the outside, but don’t have the time to deal with what is stopping us moving forward in our life journey. Most of us are holding tight to beliefs that are no longer serving us. We are hoarders. For most of us the comfort zone is not really comfortable, but it is all we know, and we are afraid to change.

Feng Shui is a vehicle for change. But often I found clients can be very resistant to the suggested changes. I have to accept that.

However I found that clients who are brave, embrace and apply it all are the ones who get the extraordinary results. These are the ones who dramatically improve their health, attract more wealth and make magic happen in their lives. And this is why I am passionate about my work.

And now I have to tell you. The magic of Feng Shui is YOUR magic! You made it happen! You put YOUR magic into action. It’s nothing to do with me. I am only the messenger.

For instance, I went to a married client’s place and found a picture of a crying woman above her bed. So, I asked her “are you feeling alone and isolated in your marriage? Because if you are not, you could soon find yourself in that position.” She immediately removed the picture from the wall. She was determined to have a closer relationship with her husband.

So, if you are feeling brave today, why not start by moving your furniture around a bit?



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